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TNJ Chemical passed the ISO quality system annual review


On the morning of December 1, a group of 3 experts from China Quality Certification Center (CQC) came to TNJ Chemical for the annual review of ISO international quality system. The main heads of various departments and members of TNJ Chemical attended the meeting. 

Three experts from the audit team of China Quality Certification Center, led by the team leader, Mr. Tao Hua, conducted a comprehensive and detailed audit on the management of TNJ Chemical , including the company's management system, raw material procurement, sales, logistics and transportation, administration and personnel in domestic and foreign markets, customer satisfaction, supplier qualification, etc. Through comprehensive and careful review, the experts of the audit team spoke highly of and fully affirmed the operation of our ISO9001 quality management system. Finally, Mr. Tao announced on behalf of China Quality Certification Center that the on-site audit of TNJ Chemical  quality management system was passed.

Although TNJ Chemical  has successfully passed the annual audit, there are still many areas for improvement in quality management. We should deeply reflect on the problems found in the audit and draw inferences from one instance. We must work hard, find out the gap and strive to improve. The operation of the quality system should not only stay in form, but carry out our management work according to the requirements, To improve the quality awareness of employees, enhance the competitiveness of products, improve the management level of the company, and jointly promote the rapid development of the company.